Sit-Up Trio Simulator

Sit-Up Trio Simulator is an interactive recreation of the TV auction channels bid tv, price-drop tv and speed auction tv.

This software allows you to simulate each of the three channels, with both rising and falling price auctions. You are able to create your own custom lots, choose which studio and graphics set to use, and control the prices, camera angles, graphics elements and sound.

The game takes into account phone charges, postage and packaging costs, and bidder interest, and each bid placed by a viewer is simulated.

You are scored at the end of each auction, and your total profit is saved. Can you run the channels while making a profit, or will you end up costing the company money?



  • Accurate recreations of 14 graphics sets used throughout the channel’s history
  • 8 different studios from the channel’s history to choose from
  • Simulation of phone lines, and bidding/buying behaviour
  • Some lots may be more popular with viewers than others
  • Falling price and rising price, with options for 4 minute speed auctions
  • ‘Multiple choice’ auctions
  • Particle effects on the auction graphics
  • Set a time limit and countdown to close
  • Scoring system based on profit and auction duration
  • Profits, p&p, call revenue and unit costs
  • Create custom lots, or pick a random one from over 300 items sold on the channels
  • Customisable keyboard shortcuts





Download installer for Windows (170.0 MB).  Installed size is 253MB.

Download for Mac (182.2 MB).



The user manual can be downloaded here (944.6 KB).

If you have any comments or queries, please feel free to use the contact form found here.



This software is not affiliated with Sit-Up Ltd, Bid TV, Price-Drop TV or Speed Auction TV.