Sit-Up Trio Simulator v1.2 Update

The 1.2 update to Sit-Up Trio Simulator is now available. It took quite a bit of time to put this one together – it now has an almost complete set of graphics to choose from, going from before the yellow ticker was introduced, all the way through to the Bid Shopping chevron era, and some new studios.

Here’s a full list of changes in this version:

Auction Setup – Fixed a bug which sometimes caused a random auction to generate with an impossible quantity.
Auction – Fixed a bug which allowed time-out timer to be changed after time-out has begun.
Auction – Fixed a bug which allowed the quantity arrow to sometimes show a negative number.
Auction – Fixed a bug which prevented a choice auction from running with quantities greater than 499.
Auction – Fixed a bug which prevented the time-out timer from closing a choice auction.
Auction Graphics – Tweaks to the closing animations of collapsed graphics.
Auction Graphics – Fixed an issue in the third Drop graphics set that caused incorrect spawning/reset animation when quantity is pulsing.
Auction Graphics – Fixed an issue in the choice graphics that caused incorrect spawning animation when Christmas graphics are enabled.
Auction Graphics – Race lights can now be triggered in the first Speed falling graphics without the need to plunge the price.

General – Application can now run in background without pausing.
General – Music and sound effects volume sliders will now remember their positions when launching new auctions.
Auction – Slight tweak to bidding behaviours.
Auction Graphics – Graphics are now rendered in 3D space allowing for proper perspective when elements rotate (eg. when removing a variant in a choice auction).
Auction Graphics – Can now spawn the time-out timer without starting it straight away in certain graphics sets.

New features:
Auction Graphics – Can now hide prices and quantities on certain graphics sets.
Auction Graphics – Can now show “quantity sold” on certain graphics sets.
Auction Graphics – Several new graphics sets now included: Early bid-up rising (uses ‘best bidding’ in this version of the game), final generation arrow graphics (particle effects for these to come in a future update), and Bid Shopping chevron graphics.
Studios – Six new studios included: Two bid, two drop and two speed.

Hope you enjoy! I’d also like to say a huge thanks to everyone who got in touch with help, music tracks, reference images, feedback and suggestions!