Sit-Up Trio Simulator v1.1 Update

I’ve taken on board a lot of your comments, feedback and suggestions and put together an update for the game, with bug fixes, improvements and new features.

There’s also now a Mac version available. If running on Mac you may need to change some default keyboard shortcuts in the config window that opens on launch, due to the difference between Windows and Mac keyboards.

Here’s a list of changes in this version:

Auction – Fixed a bug which allowed a negative price after a megadrop.
Auction – Fixed a bug which allowed a bidder to bid below the minimum bid when the auction reaches a high price.
Auction – A p&p charge of £0 will now no longer cost the company £0 to post the item.
Auction – Corrected the rising price bidding system to first come, first served.
Auction Setup – Fixed postage charge and phone charge input boxes so they no longer allow more than two decimal places.
Auction Setup – Fixed ‘bid from’ input so that it no longer allows a rising price of zero or less.
Auction Graphics – Third bid rising graphics spawn animation redone as this was inaccurate before.
Auction Graphics – Small tweaks to the first, second and third bid falling, and second speed falling graphics.
Auction Graphics – Red clearance graphics animation redone for all graphics sets as this was inaccurate before.

Auction – Rising price auction bidding behaviour refinements.
Auction – Megadrop bidding behaviour refinements.
Auction Graphics – Can now run the megadrop sound/animation multiple times.
Interface – Text brightened across all menus to improve readability.
Studios – Compressed studio renders to help bring file size down.
Auction Setup – Lot auto-fill will now no longer generate a quantity outside of the auction type limits.
Auction Setup – Postage and packaging charge limit raised to £35.99.
Audio – Can now restart the current music track at the press of a button.

New features:
Auction – ‘Multiple Choice’ auctions are now supported.
Auction – ‘Auction Time-Out’ is now supported – set the time limit and the auction will close when the timer reaches zero. There is also a score penalty if the auction closes with stock unsold.
Auction – Bidders may now pre-bid on the web before the auction begins.
Auction Graphics – Multiple DOGs in the top right of the output are now available.
Auction Graphics – Can now collapse the auction arrows to the bottom of the screen.
Auction Graphics – Particle effects are now available for bid, drop and speed pence graphics .sets
Auction Graphics – Multiple elements can now pulse at the same time on certain graphics sets.
Webcam support – Click the webcam button in the camera panel to display your webcam instead of the studios.
General – Can now save up to 5 pre-set custom ticker texts to load when running an auction.
General – Can now keep same control panel setup consistent across multiple auctions (ie. Christmas graphics stay on for next auction, or custom ticker text remains the same for next auction etc).